Robert Thompson

President, Music Industry

This is My Story 

Robert Thompson is an accomplished musician, producer, author, and publisher. He has received two Grammy nominations. He is presently the President of Wise Music Group and the Music Publishers Association of the United States.

Robert Thompson, a pioneer in the publishing and performance industries, is always looking for new methods to foster a strong and thriving community. He feels that supporting the local music culture entails putting on great shows, signing publishing deals, and generating high-quality sound. Robert Thompson is a driving force in the industry, with good educational background and two decades of expertise.

Education and Work Experience

In 1981, Robert Thompson enrolled at the University of South Florida to study music. In 1984, he earned a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Music from the University of South Florida. In 1992, he graduated from the Eastman School of Music with a Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.). He speaks German really well.


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